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Above and Left: Counterweight Media, New Discourses,Triggernometry and Benjamin A Boyce,Jordan Peterson and Andrew Doyle regularly host conversations ofgreat interest on YouTube, including these with Jonathan Haidt,Steven Pinkerand Stephen Blackwood.

Recommended reading from my 2020 to 2022 list, especially those by Helen Joyce and Douglas Murray. Their insights, clarity of writing and disturbing revelations should be a wake-up call to us all. We must not remain passive observers while ideologically driven foolhardy, malicious or plain mad activists undermine the gains of the true Rights movements of the 20th Century. If the Woke activists striving to force their values through the portals of the Trans, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and similar cults are not effectively challenged they will wreck the foundational institutions of the Western World inviting either an extreme Right backlash from within or an authoritarian takeover from the outside.

Below: Peak Prosperity YouTube conversation with Mattias Desmet on the subject of the “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) we are currently witnessing.

Above: Dr Lyell Asher outlining woke damage to the  education system on Peter Boghossian’s YouTube channel

Exulansic examines gender cult nonsense on social media using wit and sarcasm, including the “Church of  Nonbinaries”  two above. 

YouTube cancelled Exulansic in December 2022, but she retains a platform worthy of support at

Above: James Lindsay explores the madness of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory in many New Discourses podcasts, including Groomer Schools , Queer Theory and and series of Critical Race Theory public lectures

Above: Kellie-Jay Keen’s visit to San Francisco.

1hr Sierra (AKA Exulansic) "Drag queens are sex clowns....there's no reason to have sex clowns for children, unless you are trying to groom them, and that is exactly what they are trying to do"

1h14min Kellie J Keen: “Trans women are men, women don't have penises, there is no such thing as non-binary, it's simply personality......There is no such thing as changing sex or being born in the wrong body , if you promote that to children you are an abuser” 

1hr52min. Ali Snyder: "using pronouns is really submitting to the demands of a dangerous ideology, it is no respectful act.  We must remember it is never kind to lie to children and mentally ill, or affirm that their bodies are wrong and need altering."

"we must hold the line on our language. Our children's futures, our freedom, and indeed our very understanding of reality itself begins and ends with our language"

Above:  11 March 2023. Kellie-Jay Keen begins her Let Women Speak tour of Australia and NZ

Below: A speaker on Kellie-Jay Keen’s Sydney event draws our attention to an Australian  website that seeks to defend children against the trans cult’s influence in the education system,  In Defence of Children  

Above: The Free Press “Think For Yourself “ channel YouTube and the podcast “The Witch Trials J.K.Rowling” which it is promoting. 

Above: Rebel News Australia’s March 20  interview with Kellie-Jay Keen  on a malicious  and attempt  by a politician to defame her and one of the other speakers at the Melbourne Let  Women Speak  event. 

Below: Kelly-Jay Keen on March 20  comments on attempts by trans and woke cultists to  block her entry into NZ through their  manipulations of lazy (or captured)  journalists and politicians.

Above: One of the more impassioned speeches from the Melbourne Let Women Speak event on March 18.

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Above: one of the excellent speeches given at the Canberra “Let Women Speak” event:-

1hr22min30sec. “When I was younger, I would probably have been over there. I would have been one of the people yelling and shouting.  I was such a weird kid, I was a misfit. My first crush was on my female best friend, and I just felt like I was completely alone. I used to have a fantasy that everyone else in the world would disappear and it would just be the two of us left, and that was the only way that I could imagine actually being in a relationship with a woman. I felt so weird, I had no friends. There wasn’t any internet back then but if there was I know that I would have stumbled across this ideology, I would have found an ideology that gave me an answer for why I felt so weird, so alone. I would have felt a sense of togetherness and I would have just grabbed onto it as hard as I could. Because that was not there I grew up and I worked out how to heal myself. I worked out 2 things about how to heal myself.  I worked out how to feel my body from the inside rather than wondering, worrying, about how it looked and what other people thought about me. And then I worked out how to have relationships of integrity with other people. And the thing that is the tragedy is that  people of responsibility, people in authority, are so fucking cowardly that they are not able to leave a clear path for these kids to work out those lessons. How can you have relationships of integrity with other people if you’re expecting them to see you as something that you are not? How can you work out how to love your body exactly the way it is and love yourself exactly the way it is if you are being sold that you need drugs and surgery just to be OK? It’s so sad. And I do not feel angry at these kids that are yelling at us, I know that I could have easily been there.  The people that I feel angry about are the people in positions of authority. They should be courageous. Where are the journalists? What are the doctors doing that are not even doing basic research on these harmful drugs that they’re giving to children? What about the surgeons that are cutting off breasts of confused teenage girls, I could have been one of them. Where are the politicians who are too cowardly, they all know what a woman is but they are too afraid to say so. The shame is with them, it is not with these silly kids that are yelling at us. It is with the people who should be in a position to say stop, and they are cowardly.” 

Above: Kellie-Jay Keen at the Let Women Speak Canberra event

4min. Kellie-Jay Keen:“Children deserve to grow up with their bodies intact and their fertility, not damaged by medicine on the basis that they don’t fit in….the point is that boys can do whatever they like and girls can do whatever  they like, it doesn’t make them the opposite sex, it means they’ve got the freedom and liberty just to be kids without societal expectations. And actually most boys eventually do gravitate to things that are stereotypically male and most girls do gravitate to things that are stereotypically female, but if they don’t that doesn’t mean that they’re the opposite sex and we need to start eradicating their  sexual function and their fertility. It’s absolutely abhorrent”

17min5sec. “My son’s picking up a baby doll and sticking it in a push chair didn’t mean I had to rush him to a gender clinic and obliterate his fertility and eradicate his sexual function …..Your kids go to school where teachers …. are activists. I say to each and every one of you if you don’t know what’s being taught in your schools you need to find out and you need to find out now….even in devout Catholic schools in this country you are having this pernicious ideology just spoon fed into your children’s brains and these teachers are powerful. Teachers can tell children all sorts of things and be believed….that used to be a good thing but now education is activism” 

Above: Let Women Speak event in Canberra

21min45sec. Young woman: “all these politicians behind us have been complicit in the biggest medical scandal in human history, that they have promoted the surgical and therapeutic experimentation on the most vulnerable members in our society…the effects of those procedures will never go away for those kids, and everybody who has done this will have hell to pay. Only mentally sick magicians believe that they can change a person’s sex. Real doctors with actual brains in their heads who actually care about patients do not say such nonsense. So, when this is all over and they ask us what we were doing while  the hard-won rights earned by the women generations before us were being taken and we were being silenced at least we can say we stood with the women even when they called us Nazis” 

Above. Another excellent speech in the Canberra Let Women Speak event:-

9min50sec. “It appears that the police and the government colluded to set up a situation in Melbourne to discredit the women attending the Let Women Speak rally. A group of young men in black were positioned nearby to the rally and subsequently revealed themselves to be Nazi supporters. This then was used by people in the government and in the media to falsely claim that this women’s movement is somehow associated with Nazis. This is despite the entire Let Women Speak rally being online so that everyone can see that this allegation is baseless. My message to people in Australia, to people who understand that we are here speaking out to protect women and children, to protect women and children’s rights, is nobody said this is going to be easy. We know that there is a lot at stake and these events have shown us that we have to be strong….We are social creatures and being falsely accused is incredibly hurtful and embarrassing,  and it is way too early for us to start finding humour in the ridiculousness of what was done to us in Melbourne. But we’re women and a lot of us have been made tough enough to withstand this …..we are here speaking out to try and prevent an awful lot of human suffering that flows from the consequences of gender ideology. We know that these false accusations are designed to shame us into silence, and the false accusations attempt to put the spotlight on the question of our worth as individuals so that people are distracted from considering the very real concerns we are raising. As Graham Lineham in the UK recently so aptly put it, people keep looking at my finger rather than looking at what I am pointing to. We know that who we are as individuals is irrelevant. We are ordinary women speaking out about harms to children and women that the government and media are colluding to ignore, so we cannot let ourselves be deterred by this name-calling. Many parents and grand-parents and families generally do not know what is coming their way…..within the culture we are currently living in anyone’s child, your’s or mine, will be encouraged at school, online, during extracurricular activities, by their friends and by health professionals, to contemplate their gender. Even little kids are being encouraged to contemplate their gender. There is no scientific evidence to support such a thing as a gender identity. Children are being encouraged to contemplate something about themselves which isn’t even real, so naturally that leads to confusion. For some children this turns into an enduring preoccupation and they start to believe that the solution to any difficulties they are facing lies in changing their body. From this point on the nightmare for parents and families begins because they slowly come to realise that there is collusion going on between teachers, health professionals, child protection services and even the courts to ensure that all children are affirmed even if their parents disagree with the approach. Suddenly you’ll see what you never had cause to notice before. Rainbow lanyards around the necks of health professionals and teachers, trans pride flags on the wall in the waiting room at the health clinic, adults asking your child their preferred pronouns and then using them without any hesitation….wherever you try to move there’ a professional ready to trans your child, they’re wearing an ally badge and they’ll let your daughter know about the public health service’s chest binder fitting sessions. It will slowly dawn on you you are not in with a chance to protect your child. These people who you are relying on for help in the village that it takes to raise a child are not actually interested in the long term welfare of your child. They don’t suffer if your child becomes infertile or never experiences sexual pleasure or lives with debilitating side effects and health problems from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones . They will never have to be there to support your child through the years of devastation that people experience when the spell breaks and they become a detransitioner. No, they feel like really good people because they’re being inclusive. Their boss insists on them being inclusive, their professional registration depends on them being inclusive. I also want to try to dispel a false belief that exists in our culture, which is that modern gender medicine is so sophisticated as to be able to change the body without side-effects, risks, and complications. That is not true. There are massive health risks from these experimental medications and surgeries. And finally I’d like to tell the people who are peddling gender ideology something that I had to tell my kids when they were little, it is this: just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Just because you say we’re Nazis doesn’t make it true. Just because you say a man is a woman doesn’t make it true. Just because you say no man will ever take advantage of self-ID laws to prey on women and children doesn’t make it true. Just because you say that children with gender dysphoria won’t mind growing up to being infertile and having serious health problems doesn’t make it true. You might ask why are we standing up to speak against a crowd of people shouting us down, why do we bother? It is because we are experiencing the burden of a social responsibility that we just can’t ignore. We must speak out about the harms we are seeing done to women and children from gender ideology. That is what is true. “

Above: the “Let Women Speak” event in Auckland on 25/3/23 had to be abandoned as deranged activists surrounded the women’s group.

As a gay man I’m disgusted to see the genuine social justice  movement I once supported (in the 1970’s & '80's) hijacked by a gender cult that rages against  women attempting to speak in defence of the rights and safety of women and children. As a NZ resident I’m angered  by failure of police to establish and maintain a wide space between the opposing groups, and appalled by the defamatory lies of our politicians and media. The “Critical Social Justice” ideology behind the gender cult with its influence in media, education, healthcare and government may be the greatest threat to our current way of life. Full support to Kellie-Jay Keen, “Let Women Speak” and all others who put their safety  on the line in this battle against a truly dystopian movement. 

Above: 28/3/23.  Free Speech Union has petitioned the government over  last Saturday’s shameful attack by trans cultists on the Let Women Speak event in Auckland. Sign it if you care about defending free speech, a core principle of a liberal democracy. 

"Dear Minister,

At the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally on Saturday in Auckland’s Albert Park, Police claimed regarding women’s right activist, Posie Parker, that "she is in a public space. If she feels unsafe she needs to leave." Regardless of our views on Parker’s claim, this is an abject failure of the Police to do their job; defending the basic liberties of those in New Zealand, including free speech.

The counter-protest on Saturday used the ‘Thug’s Veto’ to silence opponents, not through debate or reason, but through manifest intimidation.

Without the right to peacefully gather and express beliefs and opinions, controversial or condemnable though some may consider them to be, free speech is no longer protected in New Zealand. Free speech guarantees the right to both express perspectives and views, and also to hear others perspectives and views.

The Police have failed in their duty to protect these foundational rights.

If you take free speech off the table, as it seems Police allowed to happen on Saturday, the contested opinions and beliefs don’t simply go away. However, the ability to express them peacefully is undone. This leaves only far more extreme forms of expression on the table. We are concerned for the tenor of public debate, and the potential for this to produce violence.

We believe in tolerance. Without free speech, eventually we will all lose.

We call on you, and the Police Commissioner, to acknowledge the lack of action to defend the basic speech rights of those who turned up to the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally, and reassert that those who express unpopular or controversial views in public are entirely in their right, and deserve to be protected from threats, intimidation, and violence."


Above: Kellie-Jay Keen on 1 April 2023 talks about her  experience in Auckland.

Every school needs someone like this at the head. Inspirational woman. Thanks to Triggernometry for this link. 

Katharine Birbalsingh's keynote address at the London National Conservatism Conference on May 15, 2023.

Katharine Birbalsingh:-

4min23sec. “the more privileged the space, the more woke it is”

4min50sec. Referring to “O’Sullivan’s Law”…. “any organisation that isn’t explicitly fighting left-wing views will eventually become more and more left-wing, so over decades our schools and indeed many of our institutions have abandoned their small-c conservatism”

6min30sec. Referring to Elon Musk’s comments on Bill Maher’s show…”I think it’s been a long time brewing, he said, the amount of indoctrination that’s happening in schools and university is far beyond what parents realise”

6min58ec: “if we don’t get on top of the culture that schools are promulgating we will lose our country. You want to know why the universities are doing such a good job of pushing Critical Race Theory? Because the schools have done such a good job of ensuring young people are ripe for the picking. If you want to know why young adults say things you find baffling , you must look to our schools for the answer” 

8min17sec. “Ultimately people value feeling compassionate over actually doing what is necessary to better enable disadvantaged kids to succeed”

8min50sec. “If children are leading the culture in many of our schools is it any wonder that wokism is so embedded? Are we all clear on what wokism is? It is leftist identitarianism where the Left has abandoned the historical Marxist power dynamic which argues against the rich exploiting the poor  and instead they’ve adopted a hierarchy of power oppression which is viewed through identity. That’s why being black or gay or disabled, to name a few, becomes one’s identity….this identity then grants you admiration or indeed derision depending on whether your identity classifies you as oppressed or privileged” 

16min25sec. “The celebration of 'me' in 1986 was the precursor  to the 'me me' culture of 2023. We have been frogs in hot water for decades and now we are at boiling point. What’s culture 'me me me' you say? Well do you know that some kids identify as furries? Elon Musk is correct, you all have no idea just how bad things are in schools and you ignore the vital and crucial roles schools play in shaping our society’s culture.” 

18min20sec. One of her students has gone on to Cambridge…. "Hurray for all her Michaela teachers who instilled in her and all of our pupils courage, resilience, hard work, and determination” 

18min30sec. “You haven’t been paying enough attention to the fact that our nation’s culture is not only created in our schools but that  it is our children who are leading the development of that culture in our schools. Adult authority  is long gone” 

19min. “As GK Chesterton said, the true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him” 

19min15sec. “How much do you love the values that you claim to defend? Do you love them enough to tweet under your own name? Do you love them enough to change your child’s school to one that’s less woke and ignore the impact on your social status? Do you love them enough to do more than simply chat to your friends who already agree with you at dinner parties? For heaven’s sake man, stand up and be counted! As Russell Crowe says in the film Gladiator, a clip I regularly play for my staff, Hold the line, stay with me, what we do in life echoes in eternity. Will your life echo hollow with cowardly hypocrisy or will it echo with courage, valiance and honour? The choice is yours. Strength and honour be with you all” 

Above: LGB Alliance reacts to the appalling abuse directed at  Kellie-Jay Keen and other  women at the Let Women Speak event in Auckland on 25 March 2023.

As a gay man I’m disgusted to see the genuine social justice  movement I once supported (in the 1970’s & '80's) hijacked by a gender cult that rages against  women attempting to speak in defence of the rights and safety of women and children. As a NZ resident I’m angered  by the failure of police to establish and maintain a wide space between the opposing groups, and appalled by the defamatory lies of our politicians and media. The “Critical Social Justice” ideology behind the gender cult with its influence in media, education, healthcare and government may be the greatest threat to our current way of life. Full support to Kellie-Jay Keen, “Let Women Speak” and all others who put their safety  on the line in this battle against a truly dystopian movement.