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Above and Left: Counterweight Media, New Discourses,Triggernometry and Benjamin A Boyce,Jordan Peterson and Andrew Doyle regularly host conversations ofgreat interest on YouTube, including these with Jonathan Haidt,Steven Pinkerand Stephen Blackwood.

Recommended reading from my 2020 to 2022 list, especially those by Helen Joyce and Douglas Murray. Their insights, clarity of writing and disturbing revelations should be a wake-up call to us all. We must not remain passive observers while ideologically driven foolhardy, malicious or plain mad activists undermine the gains of the true Rights movements of the 20th Century. If the Woke activists striving to force their values through the portals of the Trans, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and similar cults are not effectively challenged they will wreck the foundational institutions of the Western World inviting either an extreme Right backlash from within or an authoritarian takeover from the outside.

Below: Peak Prosperity YouTube conversation with Mattias Desmet on the subject of the “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) we are currently witnessing.

Above: Dr Lyell Asher outlining woke damage to the  education system on Peter Boghossian’s YouTube channel

Exulansic examines gender cult nonsense on social media using wit and sarcasm., including the “Church of  Nonbinaries”  two above. 

YouTube cancelled Exulansic in December 2022, but she retains a platform worthy of support at

Above: James Lindsay explores the madness of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory in many New Discourses podcasts, including Groomer Schools , Queer Theory and and series of Critical Race Theory public lectures

Above: Kellie-Jay Keen’s visit to San Francisco.

1hr Sierra (AKA Exulansic) "Drag queens are sex clowns....there's no reason to have sex clowns for children, unless you are trying to groom them, and that is exactly what they are trying to do"

1h14min Kellie J Keen: “Trans women are men, women don't have penises, there is no such thing as non-binary, it's simply personality......There is no such thing as changing sex or being born in the wrong body , if you promote that to children you are an abuser” 

1hr52min. Ali Snyder: "using pronouns is really submitting to the demands of a dangerous ideology, it is no respectful act.  We must remember it is never kind to lie to children and mentally ill, or affirm that their bodies are wrong and need altering."

"we must hold the line on our language. Our children's futures, our freedom, and indeed our very understanding of reality itself begins and ends with our language"

Above:  11 March 2023. Kellie-Jay Keen begins her Let Women Speak tour of Australia and NZ

Below: A speaker on Kellie-Jay Keen’s Sydney event draws our attention to an Australian  website that seeks to defend children against the trans cult’s influence in the education system,  In Defence of Children  

Above: The Free Press “Think For Yourself “ channel YouTube and the podcast “The Witch Trials J.K.Rowling” which it is promoting. 

Above: Rebel News Australia’s March 20  interview with Kellie-Jay Keen  on a malicious  and attempt  by a politician to defame her and one of the other speakers at the Melbourne Let  Women Speak  event. 

Below: Kelly-Jay Keen on March 20  comments on attempts by trans and woke cultists to  block her entry into NZ through their  manipulations of lazy (or captured)  journalists and politicians.

Above: One of the more impassioned speeches from the Melbourne Let Women Speak event on March 18.

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