Above: The documentary “Screams Before Silence” on YouTube.  Permit yourself to be moved to  tears for the dead and the victims in recovery or still in captivity. Feel empathy for  those attending to the clean-up and medical assistance.  Feel rage against those who committed the atrocities and against those who masterminded the event. And have no time or patience for the brainwashed fools on our streets and sharing our workplaces who have made the decision to be part of the angry, demanding, shouty, cry-bully cheerleading squad waving  “Palestinian” flags for the Hamas terrorists.

39min48sec. Dr Cochav Elkayam-Levy, Head of The Civil Commission on Oct.7th crimes by Hamas against Women and Children: “It wasn’t incidental, it wasn’t just happening. They learned, they did their homework. This is a kind of pattern that we’re seeing, that it’s not only sexual abuse, but it’s sexual abuse in its worst form. It’s like they wanted to inflict pain in the cruelest manner possible. I think they have redefined evil, and in ways that we will even need to redefine international criminal law”

35min57sec Shari Mendes, IDF reservist at October 7th military morgue: “women were not just murdered, women were shot in the head so many times that it seemed like there was an intention, an objective, to obliterate their faces. Most often, families couldn’t be shown the faces of their daughters, and we began to see that some of it was sexual in nature, directly targeted sexual violence.” 

37min Interrogation of terrorists.

37min57sec. Mirit Ben Mayor, Chief Superintendent, Israel Police: ”They were sent with clear instructions to kidnap as many, to rape as many, to humiliate as many, to murder as many. They came here with a mission and they succeeded in the mission".

39min26sec. Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Former Vice-President of the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women:

“The bodies whose breasts were cut were found in several other locations. It depicts a pattern  that could not have been unless it was premeditated and preconceived by Hamas themselves” 

40min27sec. Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Former Vice-President of the UN Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women:

“Using sexual violence as a tool of war, of weaponising women, sadly is as old as the history of humanity. Because when the body of the woman is violated, it symbolises the body of the whole nation”

48min. Of the hostages…Agam Goldstein Almog, kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas for 51 days: ”Half of them were sexually and physically abused. And they’re still there, and they’re still living with their rapists”

49min Branding.

52min Shari Mendes, IDF reservist at October 7th military morgue: “We may never know the extent of the sexual violence because these women were silenced. So every one of us, every one of us, women and men, must speak up for these women and say, ‘We will bear your story, we will bear witness for you, you will not be forgotten, and what happened to you will be told’” 

Above.  Subscribe and support  Katrina Biggs  via substack

“Two male trans activists lurked in wait for Brian, and as he was approaching the entrance they ran at him with the intention of getting close enough to throw bottles filled with what appeared to be urine and faeces on him.”

“The line up of speakers were eclectic, and spoke from different perspectives, knowledge, and experience. I would wager that every single person in that room heard something they disagreed with, and yet here we were, prepared to put that aside so we could fight against gender ideology more cohesively.”

“All the speakers, bar one, had been fighting it for years. The one who hadn’t is a young woman detransitioner, Mel, from Australia, who had come to the event to talk about her experience. She spoke of being a distressed young woman, who had been put on the gender-affirmation path – i.e. affirmation that she was indeed a male in a female body – and then getting a double mastectomy to ostensibly help relieve that distress. After a while, she came to her own realisation that the story she’d been sold about being able to change sex was a lie.” 

“The organisers of UNSILENCED, the speakers, the attendees, and all those who have been laying the groundwork for years beforehand, are to be congratulated on pulling off a monumentally successful event. Despite the best efforts of would-be ambushers and saboteurs, which I daresay I’ve only touched on, this was definitely an inflection point.”


8/7/24. Expanded hours for the Bodyworks club  from July 11. Thursday 2pm to 11pm, Friday 2pm to Midnight, Saturday 2pm to Midnight in the form of 2 sessions: 2pm to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm or midnight. Attend either session for  the usual  $25 entry fee. However, afternoon attendees who wish to stay on or return for the evening session will be asked for an additional $5. Private hires possible outside these times with at least a few hours notice. 

30/5/24. Friday June 28 this business will be available for private hire from 12:00 to 2pm (Appointment required by 5pm Thursday) and for the Bodyworks club  from 2pm to midnight.

10/6/24. Trans cult activists  and Hamas supporters in the Allbell Chambers “Artists” (activist) “collective”, the source of many years of annoyance and building security issues, have conspired with the building property manager to force me to change some signage at the venue entry.  I am legally required  to comply, but my support for Israel and the Jewish people has in no way been diminished. Israel’s fight is the fight for Western civilisation against Islamist extremism and the other authoritarians on the world stage who would suppress or kill us without hesitation. 

28/3/23.  Free Speech Union has petitioned the government over  last Saturday’s shameful attack by trans cultists on the Let Women Speak event in Auckland. Sign it if you care about defending free speech, a core principle of a liberal democracy. 

A copy of the petition has been added to this website’s “Inspiration” page.

25/3/23. Shame on NZ today as the “Let Women Speak” event in Auckland was hounded out of their civic space by screaming and generally deranged activists representing  the LGBTQ alphabet cult and its “allies”. Shame on the Auckland police for failing to establish and maintain appropriate space between conflicting groups, shame on our political leaders for defaming Kellie-Jay Keen and “Let Women Speak” by lying about their goals and connections, shame on our Woke captured media for its trans-cult bias and generally  failing to provide accurate and honest reporting. Hobart disgraced itself, Melbourne wasn’t much better, but Auckland has proven itself to be the greatest  national embarrassment for the whole world to see. On the positive side everyone with access to YouTube  gets to see just how insane the Woke ideology is as it infects the outer fringes of  Western civilisation.

But increasingly I wonder what hope is there for a society that through its official political, policing, media, legal  and educational communications  has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice the rights and safety of its women and children in favour of defending the demands of mentally ill feminised males and the brainwashing authoritarian cult that has adopted them as one of its favourite "social justice" causes? 

10/6/24. Below: Trans cult activists  and Hamas supporters dominate the  Allbell Chambers “Artists” (activist) “collective”. They have been  the source of many years of annoyance with noise and building security issues, now they have conspired with the building property manager to force me to change some signage at the venue entry supporting Israel.  See the juvenile  message from them to me below that preceded the Building manager’s request. I am legally required  to comply with the building manager’s request, but my support for Israel and the Jewish people has in no way been diminished. Israel’s fight is the fight for Western civilisation against Islamist extremism and the other authoritarians on the world stage who would suppress or kill us without hesitation. 

Australia's Sex v Gender Case Could Change Women's Rights GLOBALLY

The New Culture Forum


Another battle against trans activists seeking access to places they have no right to enter.  Trans identified males  want access to women only spaces and that includes  lesbian spaces. Trans identified women want access to gay male spaces. Follow the link  https://gigglecrowdfund.com/ to donate and assist  Sall’s  important effort. 

Sall Grover:-

20min9sec. “The implications for the case, like the verdict, will be felt globally by those 189 countries….this is the UK we’re talking about, and Canada…New Zealand…lots of Europe…Basically the case will be able to be cited for women to be able to get their sex based rights back in those countries as well”

20min47sec. “If we lose, womens’ rights cease to exist in international law, that’s what’s at stake” 

23min42sec “I actually think Australia is the most captured country in the world”

24min. New Zealand is “on the right track at least” with the new government

25min7sec “I’m being taken to court for knowing that a man is a man” 

26min30sec “Once upon a time humans actually didn’t know what shape the planet was but even then they knew the difference between male and female, they knew it was 2 sexes and no-one could change sex. It is the most fundamental thing that we know and that’s why it is so dangerous and terrifying and that’s why it’s just destabilising all of society. Because if you are forcing people to believe that males are females and females can be males, what else can they get you to believe?…if you give up such a blatant bit of truth you’ll never get it back”

32min20sec “gender ideology is incredibly homophobic.It’s misogynistic and it’s very, very homophobic….I’m really fearful of basically the LGB community being  held responsible for this when it’s not their fault.”

33min10sec. Peter: “the established kind of gay movement here, I mean all publications, have fully taken all of this on it seems to me” Sall: “I think that there was just a lot of professional activists who after marriage was passed they had nothing left to do”

33min50sec. “There’s a  lot of money in gender ideology, lots of it, because it’s pharmaceutical based”

34min $500,000 cost to start fighting the case.

37min25sec “we’re literally putting in all of this effort and fighting this and it’s so hard for something that is so  obvious. Like, the person taking me to court is a man. He can think whatever he wants about himself but objectively, speaking of fact and evidence, he is an adult human male”

Left: 5 Oct 2023: email exchange with a suspected trans activist attempting to gain entry to the Bodyworks club. The last time this happened it was a set-up by the Otago University “Critic”.  “Trans-men” are women, and no amount of government and  medically assisted body  mutilation  they engage in  can change that fact. 

LGB & women’s rights and well being are  endangered by the expansion of  socially damaging Gender Identity and Queer Theory ideologies from Academia into other institutions, corporations and government.  LGB Alliance is attempting to stand against the cult of gender ideology. Space4u and Bodyworks club supports that effort. Check out the LGB  Alliance New Zealand website at https://www.lgballiance.nz

YouTube page and videos for LGB Alliance 


Left: 5 Oct 2023: email exchange with a suspected trans activist attempting to gain entry to the Bodyworks club. The last time this happened it was a set-up by the Otago University “Critic”.  “Trans-men” are women, and no amount of government and  medically assisted body  mutilation  they engage in  can change that fact. 

16 Feb 2024

Trans cult members in Dunedin launch   another attack  against us

Communication received from Oliver Hall at  the “your ex UNAPOLOGETICALLY QUEER” magazine  on 16 Feb 2024:-

“As New Zealand's national LGBTQ+ media, a number of readers have contacted us about your website. 

The home page is dedicated to a lot of messaging they believe is anti-trans.

Please could you clarify the following for me with answers you are happy for me to quote on our website:

1) Does Bodyworx still operate as a gay sauna in Dunedin?

2) Why does Bodyworx website feature so much messaging that seems unconnected to your business?

3) Does Bodyworx still welcome customers who don't agree with the views expressed on your website?

Thank you in advance for providing this clarification.”


Hi Oliver,

Bodyworks is a club  accommodated within an art and social space called Space4u. The art space is the priority here, and the art does not shy away from political and philosophical themes and issues. The Bodyworks club is aimed at  gay and bisexual men, strictly biological males. It does not support individuals or groups that identify with the trans movement because  that movement is pushing a socially damaging  ideology that conflicts with the rights of gay men, lesbians (and most other women). Sex its binary and cannot be changed, people who attempt to present themselves as the opposite sex in order to gain access to spaces where they do not belong are attempting  an act of deception.  Most seriously the ideology that embraces “trans” has  captured the education and medical  systems and  it is indoctrinating  a generation of children with fanciful ideas that are pushing some of them towards physically damaging and futile medical interventions. Gay and lesbian children are highly likely to be the victims, mutilated, sterilised and medicalised for life in the name of “gender affirming care” (something similar happens to outed gay men in Iran in the name of Islam). 

The Bodyworks club does operate as a gay sauna for the limited times listed on the website but it is never just a gay sauna - there has always been the desire for it to be more than that and opportunities are promoted on the website and within the venue. The venue Space4u is available for private hire to men and women as individuals  and within small groups, but times are limited and I have no desire to support individuals or groups harbouring values that  conflict with LGB. The “TQ+” can go elsewhere and there is a bar fairly close by where they do go and it seems very happy to accommodate them and a Palestinian/Hamas flag.

All information on the Bodyworks website is relevant to the interests and rights of LGB by references to podcasts and other material. I’ve recently elected to visibly support Israel over Hamas  because nearby businesses are displaying Palestinian (Hamas) flags which is offensive to Jewish people and should be offensive to gay people - Hamas and its allies would kill us all without hesitation. I don’t quiz people at the door about their political values but if they don’t like what they see on the website they are sure to be “triggered" by messaging in the venue.  People can and do ignore  messaging and posters but I like to think at least a few will be inspired towards further  thinking and conversation.  



Right: 16 Feb 2024. “Your ex” does a hit piece on this business for rejecting the trans cult’s attempt to invade our space and enforce its barking mad ideological  viewpoint on us. 

Right: Feb 2024. Recent Google “reviews” and my response.  I have judged the “reviews” to be fake and  attempts by “trans allies”/activists  to downscore the business by exploiting the Google review system which does night require any evidence for the “reviewer” ever having set foot in the business space. 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam tincidunt lorem enim, eget fringilla turpis congue vitae. Phasellus aliquam nisi ut lorem vestibulum eleifend. Nulla ut arcu non nisi congue venenatis vitae ut ante. Nam iaculis sem nec ultrices dapibus. Phasellus eu ultrices turpis. Vivamus non mollis lacus, non ullamcorper nisl. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Phasellus sit amet

Above GOOD NEWS. 21 Dec 2023. ODT report: “Govt push to ban trans athletes from all women's sport”

No surprise the ODT/NZ Herald report is biased towards the woke/ trans cult viewpoint but it does give space for some sense from New Zealand First's  sport and recreation spokesman Andy Foster -

"Foster, a former Wellington mayor, outlined the rationale for attempting to separate transwomen from female community sports....“It’s about fairness and safety in sport for women in particular,” he said....“Looking at some of the debate that’s been across different sports codes around the world about transgender people who have transitioned from male to female, particularly after puberty, and the evidence around the advantages that happen in weight, speed, all those sorts of things, it compromises fairness in competitions and in some cases safety as well. We’re saying, for publicly funded sports bodies, we think it’s really important for women to have a clear line in the sand drawn.....With rugby, athletics, boxing, you can see why power, weight and speed become a real issue. If there’s a teenage girl against a former teenage boy, your child is going to get hurt.”

Biological Reality check: it is not possible to "transition" from male to female and there's never anything "former" about a teenage boy, if you're born a boy, you stay a boy,  and the NZ First spokesman should know better than to play along with that language manipulation.  Males can dress and submit to drugs and surgery in a manner to help fake a superficial and unconvincing  impression of the opposite sex but NOTHING can turn any man into a woman or any woman into a man. Enough with this  deranging idiocy.  The abuse of language, the lies, the pandering to mental illness in the name of "kindness" and "inclusiveness", enabling delusional  and sometimes malevolent individuals to deceive others and intrude upon necessarily sex segregated  spaces where they  don't belong .... it's all mind games bolstered by fringe academic "Theories", political cowardice, ideologically driven activist bullying and Big Pharma greed. This is Western civilisation committing suicide, obsessed with introspective "cultural" distractions that perhaps deliberately target our history, values, sense of identity and family structures while forces amass against us in China, Russia and the Middle East. 

Just note the Green Party pushing this woke cult fantasy..."Green Party sports and recreation spokesman Efeso Collins detailed the need for inclusion across all sporting fields.....'There should be no barriers that discourage and prevent rainbow people, including those who are trans, non-binary and intersex, from participating and competing in sports'". That's  full-on detachment from reality in the name of ideology.

Resist! In business, in your personal life, wherever you are confronted by cultists  demanding you affirm a lie say SAY NO!! "TRANSWOMEN" ARE MEN AND "TRANSMEN" ARE WOMEN. GENDER DYSPHORIA IS A MENTAL ILLNESS - TREAT IT, DON'T AFFIRM IT. 

And on the other "culture war" fronts, we must learn  gratitude for what our ancestors achieved for us and be prepared to defend it. The civilisation they  gifted  us affords us  the longest and healthiest lives in human history and the greatest opportunities ever for happiness and creative fulfilment. It has been a   project centuries in the making, it is precious and fragile, it is under attack from within, it is being weakened,  and if it falls everyone will suffer - horribly.  

Above: The Platform shares Andrew Doyle’s excellent GB News commentary on the Auckland  mob’s attack on the Let Women Speak event 25 March 2023.

Above: Phenomenal speech on YouTube 22 Nov 2023. Scroll through to read highlights. “Son of Hamas Co-Founder Denounces Group at UN, Exposes 'Savage' Indoctrination of Palestinian Kids”

CBN News

“Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, defected from the terrorist group in the late '90s and secretly worked with Israel's security services to expose and prevent several Hamas terrorist attacks.“

Mosab Hassan Yousef:-

55sec. “Hamas first crime against children in the Palestinian societies is not arming them or encouraging them to carry suicide bombing attacks. It’s the religious, ideological indoctrination that I had to go through. With one intention in mind, to annihilate the state of Israel, this is Hamas primary goal”

2min45sec. “Hamas is committing a crime against this generation and the next generations to come”

3min5sec. “Imagine a 10 year old child. When I disobeyed Hamas I was tied up to a post and I was whipped by Hamas top leader…..with the electric cable. Every lash I lost my breath until I lost my consciousness….this is Hamas discipline, this is how they wanted me to be, to become a violent savage like them”  

5min. “Growing up in that society, majority of the Palestinians blamed Israel. And a s a child I took it as a Quran, I took it as a holy scripture that Israel was our problem. But then as I grew up I start identifying the enemy within. The religious authorities, the corrupt leaderships, who basically did not care about children, they did not care about Palestinians, they still don’t care about nobody but themselves. And the world has been empowering them against the victims”

8min30sec. “In prison Hamas tortured and killed hundreds of Palestinian prisoners”

12min50sec. Hamas bombing campaigns…”they targeted synagogues, they targeted everywhere knowing the Israeli retaliation. They invite violence, they love violence. Hamas, without  chaos, cannot survive. It’s their climate, this is where they thrive”

14min. No negotiation possible …..Hamas is “a religious  group, that does not believe in political borders, that wants to annihilate an entire race in order to build an Islamic State….I don’t know why it’s not obvious to everybody, that the United Nations fail to condemn them. A bunch of rapists, this is what they are, lower than animal consciousness”

16min Hostage/prisoner exchange motivation …”they want mass murderers to go back to the street

17min25sec. “How can Israel afford, or how can any of you, validate or approve the release of mass murderers back to the street so they can carry a lot more terrorist attacks and hijack an entire society, use hundreds of thousands of people as human shields? Is this our way of solving the problem?

18min35sec. “Hamas gave the attacks on Oct 7th as a birthday gift to Putin….now nobody’s talking about Ukraine”

19min40sec. “As the children of Gaza sink in despair and poverty,  leaders of Hamas, along with their families and their entourage enjoy the 4 Seasons Hotel in Doha Qatar”

20min48sec. “If we don’t eradicate Hamas this war and this time, if we don’t eradicate them, the next Gaza war is going to be deadlier, its’s going to be much greater. If today we are complaining about 10,000 casualties …. the next war we will be talking about hundreds of thousands”

22min6sec. “What made Hamas attack this time a lot stronger than the past wars, because under the international pressure we had to negotiate with them, and we had to give them legitimacy, this what encouraged them and give them power”

22min39sec. “Qatar ….they are the ones hosting Hamas, are the ones who have been funding Hamas”

23min10sec. “…all of us saw Hamas, you call a hostage situation, but you want the true term Hamas uses for this? Booty”

24min25sec. “Hamas…their sexual lust, their lust for power, their lust for territory. I had to die many times in order to transcend this mentality”

25min40sec. Human shields…”none of us should forgive this crime, gambling with children’s blood for political gain…..this is what Hamas wanted to happen from day one, they wanted to sacrifice thousands of children so Israel can take the blame. Digging tunnels and bunkers under hospitals, schools…”

27min30sec. “If Hamas is not defeated, if Hamas is not eradicated in Gaza, we will set the model, we will give the freedom, to so many radical groups around the world, especially in Europe, because many of ISIS have fled to Europe under civilian cover. They are sleeping cells in Europe, and there is a migrant problem in Europe, and there is an Islamic problem in Europe, and this is just a warning. If you really care for the global security, and I speak as a person who was part of the counter-terrorism efforts against radical Islamists, if Hamas is not defeated in Gaza it will inspire many groups around the globe. They will see that few thousands of savages can blackmail the international community, the superpowers, and bring democracies to their knees. Many of them are watching now and many of them are very happy about how the world is responding, and many of them are satisfied to see the state of confusion and fear and anxiety. This is the time to get united, because if Israel fails in Gaza all of us will be next” 

Right: Check out  Free Speech Union: “The New Zealand Free Speech Union is a registered trade union with a mission to fight for, protect, and expand New Zealanders’ rights for freedom of speech, of conscience, and of intellectual inquiry.We envision a flourishing New Zealand civil society that values and protects vigorous debate, dissenting ideas, and freedom of speech as cultural cornerstones.”

Below: Check out Colin Wright’s “Reality’s Last Stand” 

Above: This business stands opposed to the anti-West Islamism that has barbarically  attacked Israel and  has been foolishly imported into NZ and other Western nations by unthinking politicians threatening  all our freedoms, especially the  rights of women, same sex oriented people and very likely everyone who doesn’t wish to submit to extremist Islamist values . 

This business also stands against gender ideology and the efforts of its activists,  including those within the  “Trans” cult,  to indoctrinate children and obscure the definitions of man and woman to justify intruding into traditionally sex segregated spaces including those for women, gay men  & lesbians.  The Bodyworks club has been targeted by such activists. This business acknowledges the sex binary, male and female, as defined by biological reality, not feelings or Woke ideology. This business currently supports sessions for gay and bisexual men as well as private users ranging from sauna loving   individual men & women  to couples and small social/friendship groups.  I especially welcome groups who appreciate and support the business mission to promote better physical and mental health through exercise, self understanding, education  & social connection.

Above:Fringe Festival was here 11-16 March 2018. The exhibition remains and has been expanded, free to view during private hire sessions not committed to a booking.

Above: Gays Against Groomers making a stand against the gender cult.  Follow their efforts on Instagram and their website gaysagainstgroomers.com

Above: Lots of stimulating social comment posters on display, including these two in support of free speech and rejecting the socially divisive racialism currently being pushed by postmodernist Critical Theories and organisations like the anti-family, anti-capitalist “Black Lives Matter”.

Left: 5 Oct 2023: email exchange with a suspected trans activist attempting to gain entry to the Bodyworks club. The last time this happened it was a set-up by the Otago University “Critic”.  “Trans-men” are women, and no amount of government and  medically assisted body  mutilation  they engage in  can change that fact. 

On Sept 20 (above) the Let Women Speak event proceeds peacefully in Auckland (Auckland content starts about 25min in) as it should have been able to do in March.

Above . Are  you unsure why this business supports Israel in its war against Islamism and what  that war has to do with us?  Four YouTube videos to check out: Douglas Murray on The Caroline Glick Show 13 Nov 2023,  Bill Maher on Real Time 16 Dec 2023, The Left’s Long War on Israel 12 Oct 2023, and “Bari Weiss: Why DEI Must End For Good” for The Free Press on YouTube 19 Dec 2023. Below are some notes  from the Bar Weiss video:-

1min30sec. University hypocrisy on free speech. 

2min38sec. Babylon Bee satirical headline “Harvard Student Leaves Lecture On Microaggressions To Attend ‘Kill The Jews’ Rally” 

11min15sec. University goal should be  “to pursue the truth for the sake of human flourishing and to pass on the knowledge that is the basis if our exceptional civilisation”  by…”committing to intellectual freedom, not ideology…hiring based on merit….doing away with double standards on speech"

12min30sec. DEI…”this was a worldview that replaced basic ideas  of good and evil with a new rubric: the powerless ‘good’ and the powerful necessarily ‘bad’. It replaced colour blindness with race obsession; ideas with identity;  debate with denunciation, persuasion with public shaming, the rule of law with the fury of the mob. I  noticed that people were to be given authority in this new order not in recognition of their talents or their gifts or their hard work or their accomplishments or their contributions to society, but in inverse proportion to the disadvantages their group had suffered, as defined by radical ideologues ”

16min14sec. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion….”in reality DEI is not actually about any of those words. Rather  it uses those words as camouflage. Those words are in fact  now metaphors  for a  powerful ideological movement bent  on re-categorising every American not as an individual worthy of equal rights and dignity because of their individuality, but as an avatar of an identity group” 

16min43sec. “DEI calls itself progressive, but it is not. It doesn’t believe in progress. It is explicitly anti-growth.It claims to promote equity or equality but its answer to the challenge of teaching math or reading to disadvantaged children is to eliminate math and reading tests. It demonises hard work, merit, family and the dignity of the individual, all virtues that are the foundation of what makes America exceptional. The dangers of DEI have been made exceptionally clear by what’s been happening on college campuses today. Campuses where professors are compelled to pledge fidelity to DEI in order to get hired, promoted or tenure. Campuses where ever since October 7th we’ve seen students and professors immersed not in facts, knowledge or history, but in a dehumanising ideology that has led them to celebrate or justify terrorism, simply because the terrorists are what they call ‘the oppressed’ and the victims are what they call, quote, 'white settler colonialists'” 

18min54sec. “The only solution is to dismantle the DEI regime that has enforced an illiberal worldview at nearly every American university. It is time to end DEI for good. No more standing by as people are encouraged to segregate themselves. No more forced declarations that you’re going to prioritise identity over excellence. No more compelled speech, no more going along with little lies for the sake of being polite. It’s time to stand up for what is right”  

19min30sec. “I want you to look back and consider the history of Germany’s universities, how the very same institutions that were once the envy of the world helped usher in the intellectual atmosphere that gave way to the rise of Hitler”

19min50sec. Quoting Niall Ferguson’s “The Treason of the Intellectuals” : “A university degree, far from inoculating Germans against Nazism, made them more likely to embrace it”

“As Niall Ferguson reminds us, totalitarianism comes in 2 flavours, but the ingredients are the same” 

20min50sec. The Holocaust “Was perpetrated by a highly sophisticated nation-state that had within its borders the world’s finest universities”

21min. Quoting Niall Ferguson: “The lesson of German history for American academia should by now be clear. In Germany, to use the legalistic language of 2023, ‘speech crossed into conduct’. The ‘final solution of the Jewish question’ began as speech - to be precise, it began as lectures and monographs and scholarly articles. It began in the songs of student fraternities. With extraordinary speed after 1933, however, it crossed into conduct: first, systematic pseudo-legal discrimination and ultimately, a program of technocratic genocide” 

21min43sec. “What happens at universities matters. What we teach our young people matters. What we teach them about the goodness or the badness of our country and our civilisation deeply matters. DEI is undermining liberalism and America, and that for which it stands, including the principles that have made it a place of unparalleled opportunity, tolerance, safety and freedom”

Above: 3 more arrangements for the cinema space: private date, yoga space or massage rooms.

Below: Masseur (for men only) & certificate for relaxation style massage.

Above: 3 views of the gym equipment

Above: "Arrival", a future view of Queenstown after humanity has died out and been replaced by a new form of sentient life. $7,500

Below: “Winter in St Clair”: a view of Dunedin after global warming floods low lying areas of the city and mass immigration from other parts of the world boosts the city's population. Alkyd on canvas $7,200

Art posters created on demand. “Foundation Principles” above& “The Greening of Sydney” below.

Art prints on stretched canvas created on demand: Rhododendron Auguste Van Geert above and Otago University below.

Above: "Millennium One", another future view of the Queenstown district, 1000 years after the arrival of the new sentient species that replaces humanity. Acrylic on illustration board.

Above: magazine illustration from the 1980's, "Ecodefence", acrylic on paper $1200.

Below: acrylic painting from the 1980's, "The Return".

Above: magazine illustration from the 1980's, "UFO Connection", acrylic on paper $1500.

Full art portfolio of work

by Mark McLeod on the website

Galerio Futurisma

My artwork may also be viewed (and purchased) at nearby Gallery de Novo in Stuart St Dunedin

Some of the social comment posters on display around the walls of the venue with references to significant books and helpful YouTube channels - can be viewed during free accessopen gallery timesor by appointment or during the course of your sauna booking.