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127 Stuart St Dunedin

Allbell Chambers Building
Upstairs, Level 1

Ph 477 8228




Allbell Chambers
TV lounge
Pool area
  Casual entry opportunities are currently limited to the above times but this will be expanded if there is sufficient support .

Space4u is one artist's self employment effort. SInce acquiring the lease in 2012 my goal has been to combine a personal art studio & exhibition space with a fitness and relaxation oriented entertainment facility for individuals and small social groups. The renovation is ongoing.

Space4u supports diversity

Many interests can be accommodated - science fiction clubs, classic cinema/TV enthusiasts, arts groups, gay community, vegetarians and others are all welcome to hire the space - email or phone (best after 7pm) to arrange a time for an inspection & discuss the options. Individuals who just want to relax and warm up in a spa or sauna or use the gym equipment should take note of the relaxation sessions available - bring a friend or two if you want a more sociable time. Bring
your own DVD entertainment if you like.

From 5 October 2016 mixed relaxation sessions will be available on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6:30pm, Thursdays from Midday to 1:30pm and Saturdays from Midday to 1:30pm. All men & women welcome. These times may be extended if there is sufficient support.

A Women Only relaxation session will be available on Sundays from Midday to 2pm.
These times may be extended if there is sufficient support.

Swimwear will be required for the use of spa & sauna in all of these sessions. Spa, sauna, TV sun lounge, and some gym equipment will be available for use. A yoga space is available. No sexual activity and no alcohol will be permitted. Some food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Entry fee to any of these sessions will be $12, or $10 if you supply your own towel.

These sessions will be offered for a trial period of 2 months to evaluate customer support.

Mark the masseur
Above: Mark McLeod, the artist


Hot Stone and/or relaxation massage is being offered on Friday and Sunday at Midday by Mark McLeod (photographed with art above). Other times may be possible. Bookings essential. Options are $60 for up to 75 minutes massage only or $100 for 2 hrs including the same duration massage and private use of spa and sauna facilities. Another option would be $70 for the same massage with 1 spa entry during the "membership" hours listed above. Music and video entertainment can be supplied or you are welcome to bring your own (DVD or blu-ray). Back of body massage plus scalp and feet if desired. This is not a sexual or therapeutic service.

Other massage practitioners with a relaxation massage certificate or better are welcome to enquire about working here.


19/1/17. Space4u will host a Dunedin Gay Community night on Monday Jan 30 from 7pm to 10pm, some free snack food provided but people are welcome to bring some more substantial food to share if desired. Read the poster on this page for more details.

Due to a complete and very disappointing lack of support over the past 3 months the Women Only relaxation spa session on Sunday will become another mixed relaxation session with an option for group bookings. Women and special interest groups (e.g. Star Trek enthusiasts!) are encouraged to apply for exclusive use of one or more Sunday spa sessions - please contact the manager if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

5/12/16. A yoga space is now available for casual use during the relaxation sessions - bring a friend or two and a favourite DVD if you like. Anyone keen to run a small yoga class here, please contact the manager.



TV lounge for 3 people with small pool table, two TV networks (3 or 4 in each), three 3D TVs, larger cinema lounge for up to 12 people, a smaller lounge for 3 people (this can be enlarged if there is sufficient interest), 2 showers, 2 single change rooms, 30 lockers, 2 toilets, sauna (up to 8 people), spa pool (up to 4 people), internet computer, gym equipment (elliptical, Schwinn air bike and Impulse Encore bike, weights bench & pull-up bars - more will be added as finances permit). There is also a kitchen space awaiting renovation. The cinema lounge will be available as a yoga space after some improvements (should be available by late November 2016 - expressions of interest welcome).


This is the art studio & gallery for Mark McLeod. Work on display and for sale is mostly science fiction social comment and some magazine illustrations. View outside of listed spa hours by appointment.


Space4u is avaiable for hire to individuals, couples & small social groups at a rate of $60 per hour (negotiable, but a minimum of 4 hours and 2 weeks notice may apply). Groups of up to about 30 people can be accommodated. No alcohol or smoking. Available days and times depend on the level of commitment, but generally some Mondays are fully available, o
ther times may be negotiated.

Cinema lounge    

Above: The cinema lounge with 178cm 3D TV. This is also available as a yoga room.


Plans are being advanced in 2015 to replace carpets, open up some more spaces for gym equipment and seating, and reline the steam room. Future conversion of 3 rooms into art studios is also possible resulting in shared exhibition and recreational space as well as a share of income from the sauna and spa facility - contact the manager to discuss this opportunity.
  Monday evenings are the most easily available for group bookings - any small social or special interest group is welcome to enquire.    
Art: Arrival Art at Space4u Art: Millennium One  
Through patronising this venue you will be supporting the arts in Dunedin.

Art on display by Mark McLeod.

Above: "Arrival", a future view of Queenstown after humanity has died out and been replaced by a new form of sentient life.

Right: Winter in St Clair: a view of Dunedin after global warming floods low lying areas of the city and mass immigration from other parts of the world boosts the city's population.

Art: Winter in St Clair

Art on display by Mark McLeod.

Above: "Millennium One", another future view of the Queenstown district, 1000 years after the arrival of the new sentient species that replaces humanity.

Archival inkjet prints on stretched canvas are also available from $200, including Rhododendron Auguste Van Geert at left and Otago University at right.